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Visit and show your support for SCH
Visit and learn how you can support SCH.

Swedish Covenant Hospital is a safety-net hospital, which means we provide a significant amount of care to low-income, uninsured and vulnerable populations in the Chicago area. These services and access to affordable health care in Chicago, are at risk as a result of proposed changes to the Illinois budget and Medicaid funding.

The cut in Medicaid reimbursement could be enough to shut down some hospitals. Should the closings happen, many Chicagoans would lose access to a variety of health care services, including trauma, obstetrics and behavioral health programs, and the local economy would lose tens of thousands of jobs.

Swedish Covenant Hospital CEO Mark Newton and other leaders from local safety-net hospitals have proposed an alternative savings plan that will both help balance the state budget, and continue to support safety-net hospitals. 

State legislators need to hear from hospital employees and physicians about their thoughts on this matter. Now is the time to show your support.

Visit, and tell the story of the great care that patients receive at Swedish Covenant Hospital. This website will also help you sign a petition and email your legislator to encourage Illinois law makers to consider the Safety-net hospitals’ savings plan.